As valued clients we bring you some storage tips that may assist you in storing your valuable possessions in an effective and safe manner that will give you peace of mind.

  1. Make sure beforehand which items you are not allowed to store.
  2. Using raised pallets in your storage unit(s) may be a good idea to keep boxes and items off the floor and free from damp.
  3. Pack as much items as what you can into boxes in order to be space efficient and also as loose-standing items can gather layers of dust.
  4. Use strong and sturdy boxes.
  5. Wrap breakable goods in bubble wrap or in newspapers.
  6. Fill up the boxes as much as possible in order to ensure that they don’t get squashed.
  7. Seal the boxes with packing tape.
  8. Label your boxes.
  9. Place heavier items in the boxes at the bottom and lighter items in the boxes at the top.
  10. Store larger items within the storage unit(s) from the back to the front.

You are welcome to read our Frequently Asked Questions should you need more information.